About us

“Spring Dale Public School” is a dream come true project for the founder Sri K.S.Vasu. His goal to create a “Temple of Learning” shaped into a reality when Spring Dale Public School was formally inaugurated on 18th June 2008.   Spring Dale Public School has been shaping itself into a School, which has done away with typical rote memorizing methods to a School of Happy Learning. More stress is laid on Core Values and Indian Culture along with the academic subjects.  Quality teaching is the strong foundation of Spring  Dale.  Spring Dale has grown this tall, with many sacrifices, with a view to send out dutiful citizens rather than aimless people into the society.  Every passing day at Spring Dale, is a different learning experience not only for the students, but also for the Teachers. It is for the students to grab the best from the Teachers.

K.S. Vasu,

Spring Dale Public School at a Glance

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